Samstag, 6. Juli 2013


Hi guys.

I've decided that I won't upload Sims with TSR-CC anymore.
It's not allowed to upload stuff from any creator from TSR anymore, so I wanna respect their wishes. A lot of my Sims have TSR-CC and that's why I'm gonna delete all of my Sims.
But I will still post game updates from time to time, upload houses and Sims without CC and Sims with CC from other sites. So please stick around anyways. :P I'm a little sad about deleting all of my Sims, but there are so many other talented creators out there and I love following their blogs and downloading their CC, so it could be worse! :)
Fresh start, hehe. :)

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend.

 xoxo, Katty


  1. I have lots of CC in my game and none of it is from TSR, so there are lots of other wonderful creators out there that you could use;)

    1. Yep, I know. Maybe I will upload some Sims with CC from time to time, but I wanna work on my building skills anyways, so we'll see. :)

    2. And btw - yesterday I downloaded two lots you created! So beautiful! :) I love your houses! :)

      And I changed my blog post a little. Now it makes more sense! ^-^

  2. Oh, that's good;) You probably know about My Sims 3 Blog and Sims 3 Updates for finding CC, but I recently started using another site as well: - lots of great stuff there:)

    And thank you so much, glad you like my houses, that means a lot to me:)

    1. Yes, of course I know about these sites. :) It's just that most of my CC is from TSR, so it's too bad that I can't use it for the Sims I wanna upload anymore. But this new site is great! I haven't seen it before, thank you for showing me! :D