Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

New game update!

Brooke and Ryan broke up. Oh nooo.
Because Brooke fell in love with Jayden.

  Ryan moved out and took Elyas with him. But they're still friends and Ryan and Elyas live in a house right around the corner.
Jayden moved in with her and they're together now. :)

And what are they doing now?

They read together.

They got little chicks!

They play with the chicks.

They dance at the beach.

They read next to their sleeping cat Kira.

They play basketball next to their learning horse Boogie.

They play piano.

They talk to the wise chicken!

They dream about butterflies.

They hug and love each other!

And then they shared a perfect moment together, when Jayden proposed to Brooke.
And she said YES! :)

Then Brooke got pregnant.
And gave birth to a beautiful, cute, little girl - Georgia.

And they have a wonderful time with her. :)

Finally their wedding day has arrived.

Her dad plays some music for them.

And they have their wedding dance.
And when Georgia left with her babysitter they have a little bonfire party at the beach.

Then they finally went home to have a nice time. :D

Now they wanna spend their lives together.

Awwww. :D

xoxo, Katty


  1. awesome story, what a beautiful family :) xx

  2. ooooh , das ist ja genauso romantisch wie in Hollywood !!! *schmelzdahin* :))))

  3. Oh... Romantisch!
    Please "Join this site" on my blog, please :)

  4. Hi Katty, the story is beautiful and very romantic! My compliments for the photos, they are all wonderful and very descriptive❤

  5. This is really cool, thanks for the update on your simmies!!!

  6. Very romantic and nice :) ♥ Also ,very beautiful photos ♥ Great work dear Katty ♥ I love It .

    1. Thank you so much, Niki! ^-^ ♥